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Staff Directory

Main Office  
Driscoll, Peter Principal
Cunio, Valerie Administrative Assistant - Principal
Peck, Sarah  Administrative Assistant - Main Office
Gagnon-Wold, Joyce Kiosk
Dean's Office  
West, Valerie  Dean of Instruction
Stephens, Kim Dean of Students
Lapoint, Meredith Dean of Students
Ward, Renee Administrative Assistant - Deans
Harrington, Donna Attendance 
Nault, Fern Infinite Campus Data Coordinator
Berchulski, Donna Social Worker
Chase, Amy
Burrows, Lisa
Cote, Kyle
Lagrua, Maureen
Pagnotta, Justin
Schwartz, Carolyn
Digregorio, Laurie Registrar
Graves, Betsy Administrative Assistant - School Counseling
Nurse's Office  
Minnis, Andrea Nurse
McKane, Chalagne Nurse 
Swartzendruber, Kristin Administrative Assistant - Nurse 
Student Resource Officer   
Officer Jalbert Dover Police Department
Freear, Kate Art, Faculty
Kontos, Francine Art, Faculty
Royalty, Samantha Art, Faculty
Wendorf, Holly Art, Faculty
Williams, Kerrie Art, Faculty
Kelly, Kim English/ESOL, Faculty
Carrier, Whitney English, Faculty
Chase, Andrew English, Faculty 
Donlon, Tyler English, Faculty
Hanson-Gillis, Heidi English, Faculty
Hocking, Lesley English, Faculty
Howard, Aaron English, Faculty
Little, Sally English, Faculty
Mann, Nathan English, Faculty
McManus, Deborah English, Faculty
Mersereau, Marge English, Faculty
Palmeira, Kristen English, Faculty
Parsont, Jen English, Faculty
Repucci, Brooke English, Faculty
Sophinos, James English, Faculty
Argiropolis, John Mathematics, Faculty
Dematteo, Steph Mathematics, Faculty
Elliott, Tim Mathematics, Faculty
Hall, Candace Mathematics, Faculty
Piatti, Nicholas Mathematics, Faculty
Piatti, Sarah Mathematics, Faculty
Lynch, Katie Mathematics, Faculty
    Breton, Phillip Katie Lynch's Long Term Sub Semester 2 2024
Towle, Kaylee Mathematics, Faculty
Schlapak, Eric Mathematics, Faculty
Scott, Wayne Mathematics, Faculty
St. Cyr, Elizabeth Mathematics, Faculty
Stegman, Sue Mathematics, Faculty
Towle, Kaylee Mathematics, Faculty
Wares, James Mathematics, Faculty
Butka, James Music, Faculty
Turner, Eric Music, Faculty
Fabbri, Heather Science, Faculty 
Fragos, Nick Science, Faculty 
Garnhart, John Science, Faculty
Lightizer, Jacob Science, Faculty 
Martin, Margo Science, Faculty
McCarron- Stewart, Sara Science, Faculty
Pike, Susan Science, Faculty
Poirier, Amy Science, Faculty
Russo, Mike Science, Faculty
Seekamp, Peter Science, Faculty
Stewart, Benjamin Science, Faculty 
Wyda, Jason Science, Faculty
York, Kaitlyn     Science, Faculty
Benson, Hannah Social Studies, Faculty
Bonello, Jessica Social Studies, Faculty
Carver, John Social Studies, Faculty
Churchill, Heath Social Studies, Faculty
Doyle, Katelyn Social Studies, Faculty
Fennessy, Matt Social Studies, Faculty
Hambrook, Corey Social Studies, Faculty
Hamilton, John Social Studies, Faculty
Morneau, Brianne Social Studies, Faculty
O'Rourke, Moira Social Studies, Faculty
Salmenson, Eric Social Studies, Faculty
Stancel, Katie Social Studies, Faculty
Cumba, Eric Wellness, Faculty
Fortier, Rachel Wellness, Faculty
George, Christina Wellness, Faculty
Hippern, MJ Wellness, Faculty
Coconubo, Claudia World Language, Faculty
Connelly, Jen World Language, Faculty
Croston, Elizabeth World Language, Faculty
Grande, Greg World Language, Faculty
Langa, Lucie World Language, Faculty
O'Mahoney, John World Language, Faculty
Quinatoa, Edison World Language, Faculty
Schultz, Lauren World Language, Faculty
Wotton, Peter  Athletic Director
Boyatsis, Jan Administrative Assistant - Athletic Director
Goodman, Eric Trainer
Lyndes, Robin Dean of Students
White, Joanne Administrative Assistant - Bellamy Academy 
Davidson, Heather Counselor
Beck, Brian Social Studies, Faculty 
Coco, Steve English, Faculty
Evans, Scott Math, P.E. & Health, Faculty 
Maillette, Mikayla Science, Faculty
Edgecomb, Laurie  Paraprofessional
Kennedy, Kori CTC Director
Towle, Julie Administrative Assistant - CTC Director
Austin, Keith Automotive, Faculty 
Duprat, Scott Engineering, Faculty 
Gamble, Thomas ROTC, Faculty
Green, Katherine Animal Science, Faculty
Hebert, Jessica Business, Faculty 
Hope, Melissa Cosmetology, Faculty 
Hough, Carrie Animal Science, Faculty
Hunt, Robin Sports Medicine, Faculty
Kalway, Nathan Automotive, Faculty
Lambiase, Mark Computer Programming, Faculty
MacNeill, Natalie Early Montessori Education 
McKenzie, Dave Electrical, Faculty 
Minassian, Deb Computer Science, Faculty 
Mota, Ashley Culinary, Faculty 
Mulligan, Jeremiah Building Construction, Faculty 
Nicholson, Brian EMT
Roy, Lisa LNA, Faculty
Stewart, Christine Business, Faculty
Twomey, Kristen Cosmetology, Faculty 
Veit, Karen Bio Med, Faculty
Webster, Katrina Community Liaison
Witham, Nicole Welding, Faculty 
Whitworth, Kristen Librarian
 Frances, Lena Library Aide
Madden, Linda Dean of Student Services
Carolyn Woodward Administrative Assistant - Student Services 
Naitove, Peter School Psychologist
Leclerc, Kristine Speech & Language Therapist
Vaughan, Nettie Transitions Coordinator
Ciancarelli, Nicole Case Manager
Creteau, Jay Case Manager
Gauthier, Parker Case Manager 
Goodman, Susan Case Manager
Hamlin, Ann Case Manager
Hanson, Krystal Case Manager
Moll, Lauren Case Manager
Nulk, Darlene Case Manager
Peters, Ashlie Case Manager 
Sebastian, Rose Case Manager
Tobiassen, Kristen Case Manager
Ward, Megan Case Manager
Baer, Acasha Paraprofessional
Carroll, Nicole Paraprofessional
Chapman, Alexander Paraprofessional
Cook, Cam Paraprofessional
DeMoura, Brianna Paraprofessional
Encarnacion, Valerie Paraprofessional
Gagne, Rebecca Paraprofessional 
Gagnon, Kathy Paraprofessional
Hellmann, Janine Paraprofessional
Ivey, Lynn Paraprofessional 
Jacques, Pamela Paraprofessional 
Kenney, Jessica Paraprofessional
Mahra, Lindsay Paraprofessional
Mancini, Merranda Paraprofessional
Merrill, Karen Paraprofessional - Credit Recovery
Moore, Sue Paraprofessional
Newton, George Paraprofessional
Nicastro, Angela Paraprofessional
Norris, Gwyn Paraprofessional
Sevey, Minda Paraprofessional
Smith, Donna Paraprofessional
Snowman, Robert Paraprofessional 
Soule, Andrew Paraprofessional
Woodcock, Tonya Paraprofessional