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Dover is a small city of 30,000 people located in the Seacoast area of southern New Hampshire, 65 miles north of Boston. Dover High School educates students from Dover and the towns of Barrington andNottingham, New Hampshire.


Mission Statement
We, as an educational community, inspire excellence and address our students' academic, career and social needs. We challenge our students to meet high expectations in an environment that is safe, supportive of creativity and nurturing of mutual respect and personal responsibility.


Dover High School currently offers 29 courses that grant college credit through local colleges and universities.

Dover High School's graduation rate is above 99%.

Dover High School has joined the New Hampshire Scholars initiative.

Dover High School was recognized as an AP Honor Roll high school in 2012.

  • A comprehensive high school and regional career technical center
    for grades 9-12
  • Four 90 minute blocks on alternating days
  • Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • School Year: Four quarters (177 school days)
  • School enrollment: 1350 students
  • Grade 12: 320  Grade 11: 315  Grade 10: 350  Grade 9: 365
  • Total professional staff: 129, a majority of whom hold master's degrees
  • Six guidance counselors provide a ratio of 220:1

Class of 2014: 308 graduates

DHS seniors taking SAT: 65%

Of the graduates:

50% 4 year colleges 

24% 1-2 year colleges 

22% Employment

  4% Military

SAT mean scores:

Critical Reading: 510 

Math: 513

Writing: 492


Class Rank: GPA is based on a weighted 4.00 scale
Honors and AP courses: A=5.0 B=4.0 C=3.0 D=1.0
All other courses: A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0 F=0.0


Grading System



A+ (98-100)

A (93-97)

A- (90-92)

B+ (87-89)

B (83-86)

B- (80-82)

C+ (77-79)

C (73-76)

C- (70-72)

D+ (67-69)

D (63-66)

D- (60-62)

F (0-59)