DHS Athletic Agreement 2016-17


2016 - 2017

Student Athletic Expectation Agreement

Dear Parents, Athletes & Coaches;          

The Dover School District believes individual students will benefit from participation in interscholastic sports activities. The experience of self-discipline required in individual or team sports and the opportunity to learn additional skills increase the value of the school experience and contributes to the emotional, social, and physical growth of all. 


The information that follows is meant to inform you of the policies and rules, which govern interscholastic athletics at Dover High School and the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (N.H.I.A.A.).  This information is intended to explain these policies and practices.  If you have any questions concerning the Athletic Policies of the Dover School District or the N.H.I.A.A. please make your request for clarification to the Director of Athletics, Dover High School.  You may also call Peter Wotton at 516-6950 or e-mail @ peter.wotton@dover.k12.nh.us.




  1. Before student/athletes may practice, play or be issued equipment the following forms must be completed and returned to the Coach or Athletic Director – The physical form must have been completed within the last two years


  1. Physical Examination Form

    (valid for two years from date of examination –  must be done after leaving 8th grade)


  2. Emergency Medical Card and Student Health Record form (due every sport season on Family ID)


  3. Athletic Agreement and Insurance Coverage

(due prior to participation in first sport during school year/only due one time during the year on Family ID)


  1. The student/athlete’s physical examination is effective for a two-year period after the date of issue.  The Physical Examination Forms will be on file in the Athletic Director’s office for that time period.  No student will practice until such forms are on file with the Coach and/or the Athletic Director.  PLEASE CONTACT THE ATHLETIC OFFICE PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION IN A SPORT TO ENSURE THAT THE PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD IS ON FILE IN THE ATHLETIC OFFICE. STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTAIN A SPORTS PHYSICAL AFTER LEAVING THE EIGHTH GRADE AND ENTERING DOVER HIGH SCHOOL.
  2. The Athletic Agreement and Insurance Coverage form must be completed prior to the student-athletes participation in a sport during the school year.  By giving consent, you understand that the Dover School District assumes no financial liability for any accident or injury to a student which may occur as a result of participation in the sport or any sport conditioning or while traveling to or from  games, meets, competitions, or scrimmages.  You agree to assume all medical expenses for your son/daughter in those sports areas where insurance coverage is not handled by the Dover School Department. 
  3. The Health Record form states that the parent/guardian and student know of no health related problem that exists which would impede the student/athlete’s safe participation in a specific athletic program. This must be turned in each season with an emergency card on Family ID.
  4. The Emergency Medical Card is used when a student is injured and no parent/guardian is available to authorize a physician or a medical facility to treat your son/daughter. This must be completed and turned into the coach prior to the first practice and must be done each season along with the Health Record form on Family ID. (www.familyid.com) or (www.dover.k12.nh.us)



  1. Any athlete who reports to a team after seasonal practices have begun will not be allowed to practice unless the athlete has the written permission of the Athletic Director stating that all required forms have been received or passes all forms into their respective coach.
  2. A student/athlete has a maximum of 21 days from the first scheduled practice to try out for an athletic team.  This period may be shortened at the discretion of the individual coach.  Any athlete who wishes to join a team after this 21 day period must have the permission of the Coach and the Athletic Director.






  1. All interscholastic athletes and managers must meet the Dover High School academic eligibility requirements.  Managers may be exempt from physical examinations.
  2. Student/athletes must make themselves aware of Dover High School and N.H.I.A.A. eligibility rules, policies and procedures. 
  3. The interscholastic athletic program at Dover High School meets or exceeds the requirements of the N.H.I.A.A.. 
  4. The Dover High School eligibility rules are as follows:
  • In order to represent Dover High School in any interscholastic contest a student must pass at least 6 (six) classes during the previous marking period.  (NOTE:  By NHIAA rule ALL student-athletes MUST pass a minimum of 4 classes to be eligible for interscholastic athletic participation – Dover High Schools Athletic Academic Eligibility exceeds those standards set by the NHIAA).  Seniors who take a reduced class load of less than 6 courses during marking period and are on track to graduate may receive no failing grades during the previous marking period.



  1. Basic Ranking Period:  Not less than six (6) weeks.
  2. Previous Basic Ranking Period:  Indicates the last prior ranking period of the school year.
  3. Passing Grade:   As determined by the NHIAA individual member high schools.

*     A unit of work reflects a course that meets the equivalent of 5 times per week.

**    This is interpreted as the school’s previous ranking period, not the student’s previous ranking period.



NOTE:    Dover High School academic eligibility will be determined for the following seasons by the following quarters on the day report cards are issued to the student/athletes:


Fall      –    quarter 4 of the previous year (freshman are automatically eligible until issuance

                  of first report card ) and quarter 1 of  the present school year.

      Winter  –    quarter 1 and 2 of the present school year.

      Spring  –   quarter 2 and 3 of the present school year. 




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Summer School:  A student/athlete may NOT regain athletic eligibility by making up academic deficiencies or failures of the regular school year during the summer months. 


      A student is eligible for four successive years (8 semesters of athletic eligibility) after entering high school.


      Students may not compete if they reach the age of 19 before September 1.


A member of a school team is a student athlete who is regularly present for, and actively participates in, all team tryouts, practices and competitions. Bona fide members, as of the first date to practice in

that sport as listed in By-Law Article XXXVIII of the NHIAA Handbook, of a school team are

prevented from missing a high school practice or competition to compete with an out-of-school team,

practice or competition to include tournaments, showcases, combines or other athletic events.

Whenever a conflict arises between the high school team practice/competition and an out-of-school

practice/competition on the same day, the high school team practice/competition must be honored by

the student athlete. Priority must be given at all times to the high school team, its practices, and its

contests unless a waiver has been granted by the principal and athletic director. It is expressly

understood that waivers shall not be granted on a regular basis and shall only be granted in

extraordinary circumstances.

Penalties: Any student athlete who violates this rule, unless a waiver has been granted as stated above, for the first time shall be declared ineligible for the next four (4) consecutive interscholastic events or three (3) weeks of a season in which the student athlete is a participant, whichever is greater. This

Penalty is effective from the date of his or her last participation in a high school sport. Any student athlete who violates this rule a second time or subsequent time shall be declared ineligible for participation in any high school sport for the balance of the school year.






A.   Student/athletes are expected to attend school all day each day.  Any athlete who does not attend school by the start of first period will not be eligible to participate in any scheduled interscholastic practice or game on that date unless the tardiness is excused (e.g. Dr.’s Appt., College Visit, etc.).  In the case of a weekend contest or holiday, the last day of school will be checked to determine eligibility for that weekend contest/practice. Early dismissals/late arrivals must be excused by the Attendance, Athletic or Principals Office (e.g. Doctor’s Appt., college visitation, funeral).  Extenuating circumstances can be cleared through the A.D.


  1. The following will occur if a student is suspended from school and will carry through weekends and vacations:
    1. During periods of Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) students will not be allowed to participate in


  2. Vacations are an important time in the life of a student-athlete and his/her family. Keeping this in mind a balance must be achieved which places the commitment and dedication to an interscholastic team in high regard as well.  The Athletic department is hopeful that families can arrange their family vacations around the schedules of the school athletic teams.  If this is not possible families and/or student-athletes must notify the head coach, in writing, at least two weeks in advance of departure for the vacation. It is important to note that following are examples of what will be considered by each coach when players return from extended leaves:
  1. When a student is notified of After-School-Intervention that student is responsible to notify his/her coach of the infraction and subsequent disciplinary action.  The student/athlete will not participate in athletics during the days they are serving After-School-Intervention (ASI). 



  • No student-athlete will be guaranteed the same place on the roster upon returning from an extended leave from the team.  Athletes who do not go on vacation will assume new roles in the makeup of the team and, therefore, some may see increased/decreased playing time.


  • The conditioning and reconditioning of athletes must always be considered for the safety of the athlete after extended absence from the team.


    The following may occur if athletes and their families choose to go or send their children on extended vacations:


    1. Family Vacation During School Vacation Weeks/Vacations lasting more than 3 days:  Before contest participation can resume, an athlete must practice one day for every two practices or athletic events missed due to vacation
    2. Vacations Without Immediate Family During School Vacation Weeks:  Before contest participation can resume an athlete must practice two days for every one practice or athletic event missed.
    3. Vacations During School Days/Weekends:  Will be handled at the discretion of the Coach.


      *Extenuating circumstances pertinent to #1 and #2 may only be cleared through the Athletic Director.





  • To participate in Dover Athletics the parent/guardian agrees to assume medical expenses in those sports where insurance coverage is not handled by Dover High School. 





Every athlete is expected to travel to and from an athletic event in school provided transportation.  Exceptions to this would be a direct prior request, in writing, from the parent/guardian to the Athletic Director – extenuating circumstances may allow a coach to approve this request if submitted in writing. In some sports that practice/play away from school property it is understood that my student-athlete must find their own transportation to those practices and home competitions/scrimmages. Bus transportation will only be provided for away contests. The Dover School District or its employees are not to be held liable for any accident traveling to or from the home facility for practice, scrimmages and/or games. 



Dress for away contests, if not in a school uniform or warm-up suit, should be neat, clean and show positive representation of Dover High School.  Some examples of proper dress include:  For girls—dress pants, dresses, sweaters and blouses are acceptable.  For boys—dress pants, ties, sweaters and jackets are examples of proper attire.  Coaches may alter this policy assuming that all clothing positively represents the Dover School District.






The following sports require participation in at least one half of the total number of innings, quarters, or periods played during the season:  BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, SOCCER, SOFTBALL, FOOTBALL, FIELD HOCKEY, ICE HOCKEY, LACROSSE, VOLLEYBALL, CHEERING.

CROSS-COUNTRY – runners who qualify for the state meet may be recommended for a letter and any other runner whose total points scored during the season is within five points of the 7th runner.

GOLF – play ¾  of the dual matches and/or qualify for the state competition.

TENNIS – play ¾ of the dual matches.

TRACK, SWIMMING – must score an average of one point per meet and/or score any fraction of a point in the state meet. An athlete who qualifies for the state meet may be nominated for a letter.

SKI, GYMNASTICS – the athlete who qualifies for the state meet.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS/UNIFIED SPORTS – see the Athletic Director.

**These requirements are a guide for the coach.  He/she may present letters to athletes for other contributions to the team.







A student/athlete can forfeit all or part of his/her eligibility when:


  1. The student fails to meet academic expectations and requirements.
  2. The student misses all or part of a school day on the day of an event or the day preceding a weekend, vacation, or holiday without documentation from the Dean of Students/Attendance Office.
  3. A student/athlete fails to account for and return or provide financial reimbursement for any school- related material issued to the student.  This is to include, but is not limited to, such items as athletic equipment, schoolbooks, dues and fines, etc.
  4. When a player leaves the bench during an activity when a fight or disruption occurs.
  5. When a student/athlete has exhibited behavior that is detrimental to the concept of positive sportsmanship/citizenship and, in the judgment of the Coach, Athletic Director, or Principal, will discredit the school, the program, and/or him/herself.
  1. A student/athlete fails to show his/her report card and progress reports to the coach, when asked.  Although the Athletic Director will check academic eligibility at the end of each marking period, student/athletes must show their report cards and/or progress reports to their coach to aid in tracking eligibility.
  2. A student is transported to or from  participation in an athletic event without prior written permission from the

      Athletic Director or Coach.

8.   A student/athlete disobeys rules and regulations set forth by the individual Coach.  It is important to note that the rules and regulations set forth in this document are to be followed by all student/athletes.  Individual coaches may have specific team rules that are to be followed by team members.   

  1. Any student/athlete receives a game disqualification; he/she will be required to meet with the Athletic Director before resuming play.   The Coach, Athletic Director, or Principal may feel that additional sanctions are necessary to preserve good sportsmanship.
  1. A student/athlete is caught, on or off  school grounds, 24 hours a day between the first date to practice and

          the last date to play during each season:                                                                 

    a. Committing vandalism              b. Stealing                 c. Gambling (e.g., on DHS contests)

  2. A student bullies, harasses or abuses, either physical or emotionally, another student or student- athlete at anytime.  This includes group or individual acts of hazing and/or initiations.  Special attention will be paid to those individuals who may be perceived to hold a more powerful role over another (e.g. senior captain versus a freshman).
  3. Text messages or inappropriate use of social media towards a teammate, fellow student and/or athlete, opponent, coach or others may result in immediate removal from the team.





    Student-athletes are expected to adhere to high standards—physically and socially.  The Dover School District and the Athletic Department strongly discourage the use of substances including illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, inhalants or medications contrary to the manner in which they were prescribed.  By discouraging the use of these substances, the district emphasizes it’s concern for the health of students participating in interscholastic athletics and it’s concern over the long-term physical and emotional effects of chemical use on students’ health; the district promotes a sense of order and discipline among student-athletes; the district reaffirms and supports existing state laws which restrict the use of illegal substances; the district establishes standards of conduct for student athletes who are typically leaders and role models for their peers and youth; the district assists student-athletes who desire to resist peer pressure which directs them toward the use of illegal substances; and the district assists student athletes who should be referred for assistance or evaluation regarding their use of illegal substances.  This policy will be applied ONLY between the first day to practice and the last date to play of each sports season. This policy shall apply to any conduct which the District reasonably believes violates the requirements of this policy or the Student/Athlete’s Responsibilities as set forth in Paragraph VII above.



  1. If a student athlete is caught or admits to using or possessing  the following in season, on or off  school

                 grounds, 24  hours a day:              

                         a. Alcoholic beverages                   b. Unauthorized drugs                    c. Tobacco products


    The Coach and/or Athletic Director will investigate a violation of the substance abuse policy. When verification reasonably confirms the infraction, the Coach and/or the A.D. will temporarily suspend the player until the coach and the Athletic Director discuss the infraction.  The Coach or Athletic Director will contact the student/athlete and offer him/her Due Process Rights.  The parent/guardian will be notified of any decision.  There will be an appeals process, which is to be in writing and follow the chain of command listed below. (Methods of acquisition of information by the school about substance use/abuse include, but are not limited to, verbal communication by a school employee, information provided by the Police Department, breathalyzer tests, lie detector test, eye witness accounts of consumption/possession/in the presence of the aforementioned products may also be used, etc.)


    A violation of the substance abuse policy and verification of said violation will result in the athlete’s removal from the team for that sports season.  The athlete must meet with a certified drug and alcohol counselor (it is recommended that the athletes parent(s) meet also).  If the student/athlete cannot show evidence of participation in an evaluation process he/she will not be eligible to participate in the next sport season or until the student/athlete has been evaluated.  The evaluation can be at the family’s own expense or may be provided by the Drug and Alcohol Counselor at D.H.S.(depending on availability and school resources). There must be written notification to the Athletic Director of the recommendation made by the drug and alcohol counselor.  If further treatment is required, this must also be included in the report to the school.  Successful completion or participation in the treatment process is mandatory in order for the athlete to participate in athletics at D.H.S.


  1. If a student/athlete is caught at a gathering where:

    a.   Underage consumption of alcohol occurs       b.   The use of illegal drugs occur


    The following will occur when verification of #2 is confirmed:


    First Violation:   Will result in the suspension from the equivalent of 25% of the NHIAA regular season sanctioned events for that team.  A student may immediately (within 1 full school day) in writing, submit a request for reinstatement to the team which will be reviewed by the athlete’s coach, the A.D., and the school Principal.  If the student does not submit a request in writing (to return to the team and an acceptable plan) that student will be suspended indefinitely from the team. The request must include a rehabilitation plan devised by the athlete and must have at least two of the following three components:


  1. Counseling designed to address the offensive behavior.
  2. Community service project (e.g., work at the soup kitchen)
  3. Educational activity (e.g., 5 page typed paper on the effects of drugs/alcohol)


    Second Violation During Season: Will result in the immediate removal from the team for that sports season.


    Note: During the suspension the student/athlete must attend and participate in all practices.  The plan must be completed before the student is eligible to participate in a game.  25% of all games will be rounded to the next highest number if the total is .5 or above and will be rounded down if the number is .49 or less (e.g. 25% of 10 games to start season = 2.5 games which will be rounded to a 3 game suspension, 25% of 17 games to start season = 4.25 games will be rounded to a 4 game suspension).




The Dover School Board is committed to providing all pupils a safe school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with respect.  The Dover School District maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of bullying/hazing and violent behavior. Bullying and violence against students or employees is a form of discrimination. Bullying, hazing, violent behavior, or other forms of personal harassment by any person, male or female, which create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Persons who are found to be bullying, hazing, intimidating or committing any other type of violent or offensive behavior may place athletic eligibility in jeopardy, which could include termination from a team.






If you have wish to appeal suspensions or disciplinary actions the student/athlete and/or parents should follow the protocol listed below.  Initial complaints should be verbal. Subsequent appeals should be made in writing.


1.  Coach   >   2.  Athletic Director   >  3.  Principal  >  4.  Superintendent   >   5.  School Board









Please see your guidance counselor regarding NCAA Freshman Eligibility Standards OR log onto http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/eligibility-center or http://web3.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.jsp


The Athletic Department sincerely hopes that the student/athletes of Dover High School have a positive and valuable athletic experience.











The following is a list of school sports and the common types of injuries associated with each sport.



  1. Football/Lacrosse – Potential injuries – strains, sprains, contusions, abrasions, concussions, dehydration, more serious injuries, to death.



  1. Basketball – Potential injuries – sprains, strains, contusions, abrasions, concussions, blisters, cramping, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Baseball/Softball – Sprains, strains, contusions, fractures, punctures, dislocations, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Ice Hockey – Potential injuries – groin strains, sprains, knee injuries, contusions, concussions, broken teeth, facial lacerations, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Soccer/Field Hockey – Potential injuries – strains, sprains, concussions, fractures, eye damage, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Gymnastics/Cheering – Risk potential – high – potential injuries – sprains, strains, concussions, fractures, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Track Field/Cross Country – Potential injuries – sprains, strains, shin splints, contusions, fractures, back, knee and ankle problems, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Skiing Down Hill/Cross Country – Potential injuries – sprains, strains, contusions, abrasions, concussion, fractures, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Swimming – Potential injuries – contusions, abrasions, strains, hypothermia, cramping, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Golf – Potential injuries – strains, sprains, back injuries, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Tennis – Potential injuries – contusions, abrasions, strains, sprains, dehydration, eye injuries, elbow inflammation, heat exhaustion, more serious injuries, to death.


  1. Volleyball – Potential injuries – sprains, strains, contusions, abrasions, fractures, more serious injuries, to death.

Medical/Health Information

(please complete this form and return to your coach)


Athlete’s Name______________________________Sports________________________Grade_________Date__________


1.  Emergency Contact_________________________________________________ Phone #___________________________


2.  Date of Last Physical _____________________ Family Physician______________________________________________


3.  Please list any medical conditions the school should be aware of ______________________________________________




4.  Please list any head, neck or spine injuries that your son/daughter has ever incurred______________________________




5.  If your daughter/son has ever been instructed not to participate in a sport please list the reason(s)_____________________




Insurance Coverage Information


My son/daughter is a candidate for an interscholastic athletic team(s) at Dover Middle/High School during the 2016 - 2017 school year.  She/he has my permission to play under the supervision of regularly appointed instructors.  Additionally, my son/daughter has my permission to participate in all conditioning programs affiliated with the athletic department from June 20, 2016 – August 31, 2017.  In giving this consent, I understand that the Dover School District assumes no financial liability for any accident or injury to a pupil which may occur as a result of participation in this sport/conditioning program or while traveling to or from athletic functions.  I agree to assume medical expenses for my daughter/son in those sports areas where insurance coverage is not handled by the Dover School District.  My son/daughter has medical coverage by the following company:


Company Name:______________________________________________________________________________________


Policy Number_______________________________________________________________________________________




High School/Middle School Athletic Agreement


The athletic agreement has been designed to achieve understanding between the coach, the student/athlete and the family.  By signing this agreement the student/athlete and the parents acknowledge an understanding of the expectations and rules associated with D.H.S/D.M.S athletics and have also been duly warned of the dangers inherent to the sport of choice. ALL ATHLETIC AGREEMENT POLICIES ARE IN EFFECT FROM THE 1ST DATE OF PRACTICE/TRYOUTS FOR EACH RESPECTIVE SPORTS SEASON TO THE LAST EVENT OF THE RESPECTIVE SPORTS SEASON TO INCLUDE PLAYOFFS / TOURNAMENTS.  Every athlete is expected to travel to and from an athletic event in school provided transportation.  Exceptions to this would be a direct prior request, in writing, from the parent/guardian to the Athletic Director – extenuating circumstances may allow a coach to approve this request if submitted in writing. In some sports that practice/play away from school property it is understood that my student-athlete must find their own transportation to those practices and home competitions/scrimmages. Bus transportation will only be provided for away contests. The Dover School District or its employees are not to be held liable for any accident traveling to or from the home facility for practice, scrimmages and/or games. 


I have read the Athletic Agreement and the Duty to Warn sections as provided and I hereby agree that the above statements on my son/daughter’s medical history are true to the best of my knowledge. 






Athlete______________________________________________________________ Date___________________________