Photo II: SNHU FAS 225: Introduction to Photography

                     Photo II: SNHU FAS 225 
                                (Introduction to Photography)

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This course is a continuation of skills and techniques built upon in Photography I. Students work independently and will delve more deeply into personal imagery and more long term intensive projects. More special effects, darkroom manipulation, lighting techniques and computer-generated images will be addressed. Students are expected to
write, discuss and critique their own and other’s photographic work. *This is a non-digital photography course. 

REQUIRED: Successful completion of Photography I and teacher recommendation. A $50 Lab Fee for materials and equipment. Students must have his/her own 35mm SLR film camera with adjustable fstops and shutter speeds.

NOTE: This is a dual-enrollment course which allows students the opportunity to earn college credits while concurrently earning credits toward their high school diploma. The cost to take advantage of the dual enrollment option is currently $100.00, which is approximately a $860 savings.


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