Photo I: Exploring Photography

          Photo I: Exploring Photography

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This is a class in which the student will learn the processes involved in producing quality blackand white photographs. Emphasis will be on the composition of images, learning to use the film camera,developing negatives, enlarging photographs, creating a portfolio of work and presenting prints in groupcritiques and for exhibition. Basic math skills will be needed (ratios and measuring), as well as basic literacyskills to read and interpret textbooks, technical manuals and handouts. Students are expected to write, discussand critique their own and other’s photographic work. *This is a non-digital photography course.

REQUIRED: A $50 Lab Fee for materials and equipment.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Students should have his/her own 35mm SLR film camera withadjustable f-stops and shutter speeds. The DHS Photography Program has a limited supply of cameras to loan.


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