Music Dept. Uniform Contract

DHS Music Department Uniform Contract


This contract must be signed and returned before any DHS Music program uniform is issued.  Students are expected to be responsible for proper care of uniform apparel issued to them and timely return of those items as instructed at the conclusion of the respective program season.  


Only one uniform contract is required per student, which is understood to cover all program(s) participated in during the school year.  In the event that any issued item is damaged, lost or otherwise not returned the student agrees to reimburse the DHS Music Department the replacement cost of that item indicated below.


Thank you for your commitment to the DHS Music program and respect for equipment.  Have a great season!



Student Name:          ________________________________ Graduation Year:  __________


For returning band and/or chorus members who would like any of the same uniform pieces issued as last year, please circle the applicable items:                                     

Band jacket                Band pant                   Concert gown            Concert vest



Parent/Guardian:    _________________________________  Phone:  ________________  


Contact E-mail:          _________________________________________________________________________


Date                          Parent/Guardian signature                                 Student signature



Replacement costs due if issued uniform items are not returned by the student:

Marching Band Jacket    ($425)                   Raincoat               ($  95)

Marching Band Pants     ($195)                   Concert Gown  ($  90)

Marching Band Shako    ($  90)                    Concert Vest      ($  50)



Important information and suggestions:


  • Garment bags are required for Marching Band and Guard members to protect the uniforms.

  • Heavy duty green garment bags with a DHS Music emblem are available for purchase through DPMC using the “Additional Apparel” order form.  Students may supply their own garment bag if preferred.

  • Put your uniform on hangers in the garment bag to keep it fresh and ready for performances.

  • Put your name on masking tape in every piece of uniform, including shoes and gloves.

  • Put your name on the outside of your garment bag in big letters that will be easy to see.

  • Students/parents are responsible for hemming marching uniform pants to the correct length.

  • Never use a hot iron directly on the uniforms as it will melt the material.

  • To refresh the pant crease, use a slightly damp towel between the garment and the iron on the wool setting.  

  • Students/parents are responsible for hemming the Concert Gowns, which should be ~1 inch off the ground.

  • Concert gowns may be washed (inside out) if desired, hang dry only.

  • Please do not cut the pants or the gowns!


Please contact the DPMC Uniform Coordinator with any questions or concerns: